Guides show you how to perform tasks with Kubepack.

  • Scenario-1 How pack dependency resolution works.
  • Scenario-2 Get the dependency and how intermediate patch works.
  • Scenario-3 Direct and transitive dependency patch in same repository.
  • Scenario-4 Main dependency-list.yaml file has double dependency and they are depend on two different contradictory branch.
  • Scenario-5 Main dependency-list.yaml file has double dependency. Both of them have patch of same repository.
  • Scenario-6 How kubepack fork works.
  • Scenario-7 How to deploy some application with kubepack.
  • Scenario-8 Deploy some application from cluster.
  • Scenario-9 How jsonnet works in Pack and appears in manifests/vendor folder.
  • Scenario-10 How jsonnet works in Pack, in more complex scenario than scenario-9.
  • Scenario-11 How pack up command generates script.

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